Saturday, February 10, 2007

A healthy mind is one that has no worries, but can one avoid worries at all, are they not a part of our life? It is in our hands to either spend the whole day worrying over small things or look at the bigger picture and make life better for our self and those around you.
How do you avoid worries?
- Do not expect more than you are capable of acquiring - know your strengths and limitations.
- Do not blame others for your unhappiness - nobody can make you happy or unhappy - only you can do this.
- Avoid misconception - clear the air by talking about your problem with others.
- Learn to face problems face to face - avoiding an issue only makes it monumental in your mind.
- Have a positive attitude towards life - the World is not out to get you but to help you.
- Take a break and spend time with nature - nothing can be more soothing.

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