Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Eternal Bliss?

While we pay lots of attention to keep our body in mint condition, our mind is often neglected. Why do we define complete health as a healthy mind in a healthy body? Because mind is an integral part of our health. Our personality is reflected by the state of our mind.
You may see a perfect specimen of health but if he is worried or sad or anxious, then no clothes or accessaries can make him look good. On the the other hand a happy man, who is comfortable being who he is, looks good in ordinary apparel also. People can sense your mood and state of mind.
Naturally we all want to be happy and we all want that happiness to last forever - Eternal Bliss. Is that possible? Yes, our Seers (Rishi) had achieved that state of mind and we can atleast try to get near that goal. This after all is the ultimate goal of all human beings. All our activities - from morning to night - day after day - are aimed at attaining happiness.
Then what is the way? More next time.....

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